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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  March 17, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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families left flowers and notes at the muffler shop. >> it's scary. makes you want to quit and stop. >> he lives in pen grove and knows the family. his 11-year-old, also named michael, is an award-winning sprint car driver and was also marcus' friend. >> he was always nice, and nice to talk to. reporter: michael says he is sat but will continue to race. why johnson lost control of the car is under investigation. chase johnson won sprint car races in the past, had his open close call two years ago, his car flipped over button son was unhurt. >> chase johnson was not injured in the accident, neither was anyone else on the racetrack other than those two fatilities. the cause of the accident is under investigation.
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>> the deaths in marysville come three weeks after a raceway crash injured at least 30 fans at daytona international speedway. ten cars collided during the nascar nationwide series race with one flying into the fence. this crash could prompt a redesign that might include sturdier fences. >> passing drivers tried to help after two cars crashed in oakland and one tumbled down an embankment this morning on westbound 580. initial chp reports are that people were trapped in the white car you see here. crews did manage to free the victims, and we're told no one was seriously hurt. no word on what caused the crash. developing news out of oakland. police are questioning several people after a double shooting killed one person and left another injured. shots broke out at a home around 1:30 this morning. two victims showed up at the hospital, one of the men died,
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the other is in serious condition tonight. oakland's s.w.a.t. surrounded the crime scene, a standoff ensued for nearly ten hours, and then police handcuffed and removed several people from the house. >> trying to figure out what really took place here. this is an active investigation. we're not sure what happened earlier today but we're looking to see whether or not the people that were detained were involved in the incident. >> it's not clear if the suspected shooter was among those detained. this killing is oakland's 18th 18th homicide of the year. >> pinole police are asking for help to find a man they say tried to abduct a 12-year-old girl. they released this sketch. described at 19 to 20, 6'0", thin build, brown goatee and an eye brow piercing, he was seen driving a four-door brown car. the girl says he grabbed her by the wrist as she walked home
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from school. following breaking news right now. thick black smoke is choking the sky over the delta, as you can see from the tower camera. this is burning near antioch on lower sherman island. this part of the island is uninhabited, so cal fire will not put any resources out there and let it burp. leigh glaser tells us winds are light in this area, up to five-miles-an-hour so we can expect to see the smoke in the air for some time until this burns out. firefighters stopped a fire from spreading to any nearby homes after it broke out inside a carport in mill valley. the fire started around 2:30. firefighters saw smoke from several blocks away as they approached the scene. nobody was hurt. the flames did damage two cars. investigators are looking into what caused this fire but do not believe it's suspicious. crews also had to carefully dispose of paints and other chemicals that had been stored in this carport.
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>> a former supervisor, general shirakawa, jr. is expected to plead guilty to charges of misusing taxpayers money. he used public money and campaign money for things like parties, golf games. the district attorney's office says shirakawa faces up to one year in county jail and $50,000 in fines. two ohio high school football players are heading to juvenile jail after their conviction on rape charges. they made emotional apologies in court after the convictions today. reporter: 16-year-old malik richmond breaking down in court after a judge convicted him and 17-year-old trent mays of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl during a night of drinking and partying last august. >> like to apologize to [bleep].
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i'm sorry to put you guys through this. >> both were sentenced to at least one year in juvenile jail. mays will serve an additional year for taking a nude picture of the victim. the victim realized when that she was assaulted when shell saw a picture of herself. in court she described how she woke up hours after the alleged incident with mays and richmond in the same room. i was scared, embarrassed, and it freaked me out. >> any rape is very difficult. horrible, for the victim. i think it's even more difficult when the victim is continually revictimmized in the social media. reporter: numerous students sent text messages about the assault. several may have witnessed it. the state's attorney general says he will convene a grand jury to investigate whether other people should also be charged in the case.
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>> no one is -- >> especially the victim. her mother spoke out today. >> this does not define who my daughter is. she will persevere, grow, and move on. reporter: abc news, new york. >> going to a game at at&t park is going to cost you more even before you get into the park. a little water is causing a serious street problem in the north bay. take a look. this road has buckled. a cab company is offering three rides tonight for st.~patrick's day revelers. >> leigh: i'm meteorologist leigh glaser. the last sunday in winter, and get ready for big changes in the upcoming work week. we're expecting
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>> crews are working on a water main break in downtown sausolito. caledonia street downtown is closed. you can see why here. until repairs can be madement the road buckled there. no homes or businesses are flooded. the main belongs belongs to thee municipal water district. no word how long it might take for repair crews to fix the road. happening now. thousands of people are making their way to tt tt at&t park for the world baseball classic, and many attendees may be in sticker shock when they pull up to a metered spaces. surprises have increased to $7 an hour. this is the first major event at the park when the new prices will be enforced. meters usually cost $5 an hour but will jump two dollars more
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during giants games and other events. >> a san francisco cab company is offering three rides for into those who celebrate too much between the hours of 10 and 4 al. you must mention bird injury lawyers. they're the sponsors of the program. >> we'll take a look how they're celebrating st.~patrick's day in ireland. >> it may not be exactly what you'd expect, this massive parade is actually global in celebration. and heading outside, we enjoyed a very sunny sunday. leigh glaser is tracking rain on the way, though. she'll let us know when to expect that. >> here's david muir. >> coming up tonight right here on world news, more on the breaking news, the verdict in
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the case that has torn apart an american town. the two high school football players, the female student, what this case could mean for the rest of the country. >> and we have our eye on two giant storms that are degree to merge, and then we have some incredible images for you
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>> pope francis off erred his first sunday blessing today since his election to lead the roman catholic church francis
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spoke to the crowd for the first time from the papal apartment window overlooking st. peter's square, and the pope spoke exclusively in italian, breaking the pattern of predecessors who prayed in many languages. the blessing came after pope francis got up close and personal with a smaller crowd on the vatican. >> here in the bay area, we made a weekend of the st.~patrick's day holiday, and in dublin, ireland, they're holding a five-day extravaganza. ♪ >> today's two-mile long parade featured floats, bagpiperss' marching bands and it's not just for the irish. performers came from 46 countriesle the irish celebrated this day for more than 1,000 years, st. patrick's feast day. his credited with bringing chinnity to ireland. >> we enjoyed glorious weather
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tonight. meteorologist leigh glaser is here. >> leigh: this being the last full weekend of winter, we definitely will see some showers as we get bo tuesday night and wednesday. so, live doppler 7hd not picking up any rushes at -- returns at all right now. you can see no returns at all. so a dry weather pattern for us, at least for today and tomorrow. things start to change as we head into tuesday. a milky sky across the bay area right now with the high clouds venturing in. 55 in san francisco. san car loss -- carlos, 64. half moon bay, low 50s. and a nice shot of a hazy sky over the embarcadero in san francisco. santa rosa, 64. 69 in fairfield. livermore, and los gatos,
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sunshine, 68. let's get to our forecast highlights. we'll keep high cloud overhead overnight. a cooler day. monday afternoon, fewer mow clouds in the sky and then get ready for rain. it will be with us on the first day of spring which happens to be wednesday. low clouds venturing in on the north bay, near 40, 50 for san francisco, rhythm, and oakland. i want to show you the radar satellite animation, you can see the high cloud spilling out ahead of the cold front. this is going to be monday. just increasing high clouds and then right here is the cold front, and this is what is going to bring the rain to the bay area as we head into tuesday night and wednesday. in fact here's a look at the timing of this. remember, 5:00 tomorrow afternoon, just -- we'll see cloudy conditions across the bay area. the rain still well to north and west. check out tuesday. this is 5:00 a.m. tuesday
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morning. increasing clouds, and it's really going to be in the afternoon, 2:00 when the first wave of rain will move in 6:00, more showers across the bay area. and then you'll start to filter through 9:00, 10:00, 11:00. probably going to see shower activity wednesday morning. so here's a look at the highs tomorrow. bring us down a few more degrees. 68, san jose, santa clara, 69. at the coast, upper 50s. half moon bay, the high clouds will continue to increase tomorrow. 66, palo alto. san francisco tomorrow, 62. north bay, probably looking to see as many 70s tomorrow. mid-to-upper 60s. napa, 68. increasing clouds for oakland. 67 there. and interior east bay, 70 for liver mr. and 7 to for pittsburg. things are cooling down monday, thickening clouds tuesday, rain
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begins late tuesday afternoon, starts overnight. go with rain wednesday morning, followed by afternoon showers. thursday, breeze y day, and friday, saturday, sunday, temperatures warm back into the 70s. abc7 news as another great weather resource for you. follow us on twitter for the latest bay area weather conditions, plus get video forecasts, "spare the air", power outage information and weather tweets from your favorite weather team. wednesday, first day of spring. >> hard to believe it's here. mike shumann is here with a preview of sports. >> mike: selection sunday was kind to our local teams. cal and saint mary's got into the ncaa tournament. we'll tell you where they're going who they'll face. ) 3 daysg
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>> mike: we had only two hopefuls for the ncaa tournament in the bay area. for the men, both were invited. st. mary's faces middle tennessee in a play yip game on tuesday. the winner gets memphis thursday and auburn hills michigan. cal will face unlv on thursday in san jose. good news, cal state's local. bad news, unlv is a good team. but head coach mike hospital domry and squad are happy to be in the tournament. >> they're excited about the matchup. we've played them opposite and we're excited about the location, so much easier. >> we get to play so close to home and all that stuff, so
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hopefully we can get a good fan base and get the crowd out there to be behind us and cheer us on. >> mike: here's the top seeds. louisville, number one, kansas, top dog in the south. indiana, one seed in the east, and gonzaga, top billing in the west. >> warriors hit the road. no room for error in the final 15 games. capitalizing off the rockets' miss, steph curry to thompson, 18-10 at the end of the fourth quarter. then curry from downtown. warriors lead at the half. we'll have highlights at 6:00. >> cactus league, as and cubs. the bats are heating up. a's break out the big rummer in the first. two on for chris young, not anymore. then in the third. the 2-0 pitch to donaldson.
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see ya. cubbies tie it up but adam rosales with the two-run blast. two home runs are four rbis. he is fighting for the second base spot. a's win 12, 6. >> giants and rockies. tim tim lincecum on the hill for only his second start. mike cuddyer doubles home tulowitzki. giants fight back. brandon bell, opposite field. just misses a home run. hunter pence scores and we are tied in the seventh. let's tee it up in florida where we had have first-time winner, kevin streelman, finally finds the winner's circle. spectators all dress ud 'for st. paddy's day. won't see this on a golf course very often. boo weekly, stopped inches from the hole. he was the leader going into the
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clubhouse at 8-under. streelman, tied for the lead, third hole. chipping for birdie. on line. nothing but net to get to 8-under par. then steelman putting for birdie, no doubt about it. boo weekly knows it's over. streelman will tap in on 18. his first victory in 153 chances to get him into the masters for the second time in his career. we'll be back at 6:00 with updates. >> coming up next. what is in the snag it brought
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>> in half an hour at 6:00, we'll have an update on the dramatic fire sending a thick plume of black smoke into the sky. new details on the latest fallout from the san francisco symphony strike. right now wildlife experts respond after a mother possum is found sleeping inside a bag. the concern was she could suffocate. she was safely removed. you see her with her babies on her back. it's likely cat food left on the porch attracted her to the area. thanks for joining us, see
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this is "world news." tonight, breaking news in the case that has torn apart an american town. two football players convicted of sexually assaulting a female student. one of the players, breaking down, as he says, i'm sorry. >> i'm sorry to put you guys through this. >> tonight, that image sent around town that ignited a fury. the text messages and why this case could have ripple effects far beyond this school. the other breaking story -- the neighborhood gone tonight. a sudden and fast-moving wildfire, burning dozens of homes to the ground. the families watching in horror. double-punch. two giant storms set to merge, just as the workweek begins. bringing a dangerous mix of snow and rain. meteorologist ginger zee with where it's headed tonight. and the race is on to save the sea pups discovered on america's coastline.
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tonight, hear the mystery, why suddenly so many of them? and the team cradling them back to life. good evening. it's great to have you with us here on this sunday night. and we do begin with the breaking news. the verdict that's ricochetted through an american town, so proud of its high school football team. but tonight, so divided. this evening, a judge has convicted two high school football players of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old who had been drinking. an image of the players and the girl, sent around town through social media. both boys breaking down after the verdict. one of them choking back tears as he said he was sorry in court. tonight, an abc news exclusive. the only interview with one of the players before the verdict. and the national fallout, with social media playing a huge role in this case. abc's alex perez takes us inside the courtroom. >> reporter: seconds after hearing they were convicted, 17-year-old trent mays and 16-year-old ma'lik richmond burst into tears.


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